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Great Falls Little League

Baseball Player Evaluations

March 18, 2017
MVP Baseball - 356 Victory Dr, Herndon, VA 20170

Great Falls Little League will be holding its annual skills evaluations on March 18, 2017. Players should wear sneakers (no cleats!) and comfortable clothes.

Who should attend the player evaluations?
All players who registered for AA, AAA and Majors are required to attend the scheduled evaluation session in order to be placed in a division.  Evaluations are organized by the division you registered for and first letter of the last name.

What to bring?
Each player should bring their fielder's glove, not a catcher's mitt or first baseman's mitt.

Bats are optional, and will be provided if a player doesn’t bring their own. If a player has his own batting helmet they can bring that, too, otherwise one will be provided.

**All personal equipment should be labeled.

Why are there player evaluations?
The purpose of the player evaluation is to assist the Player Agent and League Commissioners in properly placing players at the level most appropriate level for their skills and experience. Little League regulations require every player playing AA or higher to be assessed prior to placement.  The skills evaluation also helps the team managers’ plan for the AA, AAA, and Major league drafts. All players at AA, AAA, and Majors are selected for their teams through a draft process by the managers.

What is expected of the players during the evaluations?
Players will be evaluated on their fielding, throwing and hitting skills. Players may be asked to demonstrate pitching skills, if desired. It is probably a good idea to spend some time working on these skills prior to the evaluation. It may not be a good idea for the evaluation to be the first time the player has picked up a baseball since last spring or last fall.  The evaluation process may take up to an hour.

How can my child be prepared for the evaluation?
Arrive 15 minutes before your evaluations window.  Wear appropriate baseball or exercise attire, arrive with plenty of time to sign in and do some light stretching. Relax, have fun, and do your best!

When and where will the evaluations take place?
Baseball player evaluations will take place at MVP Baseball - 356 Victory Dr, Herndon, VA 20170.

What time are the evaluations?
In order to decrease wait times and make the sessions move faster, we are organizing the evaluations by level that the player is registered for and further breaking it down by first letter of the last name.  Remember, there are no tryouts for Tee-Ball and Coach Pitch.  The schedule is as follows:


Last Name

Check In Time

Tryout Time

A - Duc

9:45 AM

10:00 AM

Dun - J

10:10 AM

10:25 AM

K - Mis

10:35 AM

10:50 AM

Mor - Rob

11:00 AM

11:15 AM

Ry - Z

11:25 AM

11:40 AM



Last Name

Check In Time

Tryout Time

A - C

12:00 PM

12:15 PM

D - H

12:30 PM

12:45 PM

I - Ne

1:00 PM

1:15 PM

Ni - S

1:30 PM

1:45 PM

T - Z

2:00 PM

2:15 PM



Last Name

Check In Time

Tryout Time

A - Fe

2:45 PM

3:00 PM

Fi - Man

3:15 PM

3:30 PM

Mar - Ra

3:45 PM

4:00 PM

Ro - Z

4:15 PM

4:30 PM

PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO COME TO THE ASSIGNED TIME SLOT.   That said, if your schedule prevents you from coming at the time assigned, please come to another time slot for your division.  If you are unable to attend the skills evaluation or have any questions regarding the process, please contact Rachel Troy at

Can parents watch the evaluations?
We limit the evaluations to as few people as possible – league officials, managers (or their proxy), and volunteers assisting with evaluations.  Not only does this provide a less stressful environment for the players, it helps keep the flow of the process moving along during this busy day.  It also helps keep the number of distractions at an absolute minimum.

What if I know someone who wants to play baseball, but has not registered? 
Walk-in registration will be available for players who have not yet registered – but pre-registration is much preferred. Be sure to tell all your friends and neighbors!  A late fee will be assessed at the time of registration.

When will my player find out what team he/she is on?
You will hear from your child’s manager within 10 days of the evaluations.

If you are available to help with player evaluations, please email us at

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